Group of Sharks in a Portal
Bonafide Ethereum
100 ETH
Community Wallet Payout
Hiersharky Members

Help Synthesize our Universe!

We're not just here for killer shark art and awesome community rewards...

This project forms the infrastructure for our mobile game set in the METAFINs Universe.
The community decides the fate.

Join us as this adventure unfolds!

Picture of a jar of eyeballs
"You should be afraid if you're in the ocean and you DON'T see sharks." -Random Internet Wisdom
Shark surrounded by memes and text that states "Our Sea Map is simple"
  • Circle with number one inside of it

    Release 10,000 unique sharks into the waters
    (Only 10,000 Unique Ethereum NFTs )

  • Circle with number two inside of it

    Build the hiersharky that will rule the seas.
    (Sharks that will shape METAFINs Mobile)

  • Circle with number three inside of it

    Distribute treasure amongst the loyal Shiver
    (Community Wallet and Frequent Events)


All thanks to the Sharks...we're creating a mobile game, we have a wallet specifically for our Hiersharky that pays out in Ethereum and a few Rolex's to give away to our holders.

Come swim with the Sharks!


Great White Paper

Want to dive deeper? 
Explore the depths of the METAFINs project.

Nerds like this part.

White Paper
cartoon shark with silly exposed brain and text that says "Use Brain Do Research"

We don't just say we're different.
Here's the dealio.

Deflating memes and the phrase "They don't pump they deflate"

Other NFTs

- Do they reward community engagement with Ethereum?
Uh, no.

- Give away cool stuff...oh wait...they usually don't

- Don't achieve their road maps, most of them don't even have white papers...

- Are too obsessed with treasure on the moon

- Are not Sharks


- We have a wallet for our Hiersharky that pays out Ethereum.

- We're giving away not one, not two, but three Submariner Watches to holders, you heard that right. Rolex.

- Is transparent with every achievable step.
Our collectors know what they're getting into and the goals this project has. We also have a Great White

- Knows the depths of the sea is where valuable treasures lie.

- We're Sharks

memes of people flexing with the text "we flex" including the METAFINs logo

The Team!

Picture of Kyle Creator of Metafins
Creator of METAFINS

"NFTs and Web3  are the future. The only way is up!"

Picture of Aaron Marketing Director of Metafins

"Ethereum is incredible. One of my only problems with ETH is the flavor."

Picture of Dustin Lead Developer of Metafins
Lead Dev - Community Management

"The true measure of a man is not how he lives but how he dies. It's not what they do in life, but what they did before dying that proves their worth."

Shark Metafin with Exposed Brain

"Success is a journey, not a destination. It's the sum of our choices, not our circumstances"


Creator of MF "METAFINs"

Ethereum was our choice because Ethereum has the most active and vibrant ecosystem.

Ethereum Logo

Community interaction is key to getting the most out of this project.

Reach out on discord to speak with fellow sharks.

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